Nursery, Pre-Primary, Primary

Girls Wear

Leotard Freed Chloe (600GLC) in lilac

Skirt Freed georgette wrap over (500PBSkirt) in Lilac

Socks Pink regulation ballet socks Ballet Shoes Pink leather or satin with pink elastic

Crossover (optional) Lavender crossover (700XO)

Nursery Uniform

Boys wear:

T-shirt White

Shorts Freed shorts with RAD logo in Navy

Socks White regulation ballet socks Ballet Shoes White leather or canvas with white elastic

Purchase from:


  1. On line from the Royal Academy of Dance Use link to RAD exam wear.
  2. Dance Active – 311 Richmond road Kingston upon Thames. Tel: 020 8549 5355
  3. Dancia International – 70 High Street, Ewell Village. Tel: 020 8393 8808
  4. 2nd hand clothing can be purchased from Mrs Harry. Tel: 020 8942 0658
  5. Character skirts can be purchased through Kingston Ballet School. Please see order form.